Mission College App for students
This project was a concept of an app for Mission College students, to have access to everything on a smartphone rather their website. The idea came while I was working on the website for marketing team on Mission College. There was a lot of content on their website, which in many cases was confusing and hard to find specific content. The users had to either browse through all the pages or search for certain information. I decided to base a project in a course called User Experience Design, I was taking during my semester at Mission College. 

User research & personas
The primary users of this app are current and future students at mission college. I developed a personas based on insights conducted by the marketing team, and interviews I personally conducted with two other students from different departments. The primary focus was on the perspective of how a student think, behave and relevant issues they are facing.

Loginpage & Home screen
The user will login using student ID number and password that are been used for the other internet services at mission college. 
Hereafter the user will get to the home screen, where sections like Maps, Transport etc. are shown. Based on some research the marketing team has conducted, I decided only to put the most relevant content in the app. So that a
Maps & Transport
The maps section is basically a navigation feature for new students to find buildings, class rooms and other important places on the campus. 
The Transport section is a feature for those who travel by bus or other public transport. The app will be connected to the public transport app, that will show the current and specific dates/times of departure from the school. 
Courses and Calendar
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