The C-LOG Platform
C-LOG is a platform for different stakeholders in the maritime industry such as Training Providers, Shipping companies and seafarers is connected in the ecosystem through different services across the platform. Today C-LOG has 2 primary services: M-ID and DLM. M-ID is a wallet based app, that stores a seafarer’s digital certificates, your personal information, your work experience and general notifications about courses and expiry of a certificates.
DLM is a desktop based web application where Training Providers can manage and issue certificates, create courses and invite instructors and participants for them. The main purpose of DLM is to have application that Training providers can issue digital certificates through our platform securely without using external services.

Concepting the M-ID application
In my time at C-LOG I worked mostly on the M-ID application, and was part of the idea generation and brainstorming sessions. Based on research and analysis of how users should interact with our product, I defined user scenarios, for each of the features in the application. 
These scenarios gave me the understanding of how each interactions worked, and was the foundation of the wireframes created. 
M-ID Mobile application
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